“I am a philosopher and therefore an atheist and vegan.”Floris van den Berg

Dr. Floris van den Berg (1973) is Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University.

He studied Japanese Language and Culture at Leiden University and spent two years in Japan studying tea ceremony (chado). He studied Philosophy in Leiden and Utrecht and has specialized in environmental ethics and the ethics of sustainable development.

Among the books he published is Filosofie voor een betere wereld (2009), which appeared in English translation (Philosophy for a Better World) in 2013. In his thesis Harming Others. Universal Subjectivism and the Expanding Moral Circle, he developed the theory of Universal Subjectivism. This theory expands the moral circle to include nonhuman animals, future generations, and, indirectly, nature. Floris likes to go running and tries to live a vegan lifestyle. He published the book De vrolijke veganist (The happy vegan) (2013). His latest book is Beter weten. Filosofie van het ecohumanisme (Knowing Better. Philosophy of Ecohumanism) (2015). He most recent book is: De vrolijke feminist (The happy feminist).